Industrial Procurement

We offer reliable procurement services worldwide, mainly for the oil & gas and power industries. We specialized in procuring equipment, spare parts, tools & materials (ESTM) in any corner of the world. Our historical customers are located in the Middle East and South America; however we are capable to provide our services worldwide. If you are looking for a professional supplier who has solid experience dealing with manufacturers (OEM), we are the right company to call.​

We make sure that your equipment or spare part will arrive to your facility on-time. Our worldwide carriers' network are capable to handle your item by air, water or ground.​

Katex carries products from ABB, 3M, Siemens, GE, Emerson, Falk (Rexnord), Parker, Metso, Cummins, Trico, Pressol, Appleton, Eaton, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita, Uponor, SKF, Timken, Trane, Fuji, Mayekawa, etc.

Trust our team when it comes to procuring process equipment for your manufacturing facility. We care of advice, purchase, inspect and delivering items starting from an o-ring up to bigger spare components and/or process equipment. Our experts understand the special requirements of different sites and know the importance of process availability, production, work safety and environmental aspects.

We assure the best service by selecting experienced personnel. We keep our procurement team focused in the following areas:​

  • Static & Rotating Equipment

    Compressors, turbines, pumps, vacuums, fans, blowers, pressure vessels, drums, heat exchangers, condensers, reactors, distillation columns, vacuum columns, flares, tanks, boilers, furnaces, incinerators, separators, decanters, filters, fan coolers, cranes, trucks, lifting devices & machineries, HVAC air conditioning, etc.​

  • Spare Parts, Pipes & Accessories

    Rotors, shafts, gaskets & seals, bearings, o-rings, bolts, nuts, demisters, mechanical seals, tube bundles, industrial hoses, tubes (any material), pipe, tubing & accessories, boiler & reformer tubes, flanges, nipple, studs & screws, manual & control valves, PSV, rupture disks, pneumatic & hydraulic actuators, connectors & fittings, pipe cleaning, welding & cutting equipment, welding consumables, etc.​​

  • Electrical equipment & Supplies

    Motors, generators, switch gears, breakers, power cables, transformers, UPSs, MCCs, lighting, control panels, cabinets, condensers, resistors, meters & testers, plugs & connectors, variable frequency drivers, electrical actuators, cathodic protection devices, etc.​

  • Instrumentation & Control​

    DCS, PLC, HMI, process simulators, communication cables, transmitters & gages, sensors, hand-helps, antennas, modules, junction boxes, cabinets, barriers, consoles, DCS room floorings, solenoid valves, actuators, tubing, data processors, etc.​

Katex Offshore Platform